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The world of finance is complex, constantly changing, and can be confusing. Mistakes, omissions, and oversights are commonplace and can be costly and harmful for your family. The solution? A highly trained and experienced partner dedicated to serving your best interests. We believe that certain employee metrics are a key indicator of a firm’s quality. These include: credentials; continuous improvement; experience and institutional knowledge; and a culture that encourages employees to think like owners and make client service a number one priority. Our team of award-winning individuals has the talent, training, and commitment to help produce the outcomes that clients tell us are important to them.

Our Team

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with one of our dedicated advisors.

Our Commitment To You

Our goal is to produce results that help you reach your objectives. Our staff leverages their intellectual and experiential firepower to craft leading edge solutions that address your challenges. Our culture of collaboration means that your dedicated team of experts design and construct a comprehensive, integrated wealth management plan that provides an ongoing continuum of proactive advice and guidance.

Team highlights:

  • Client service excellence is our hallmark. Our size and structure enable us to be agile, adaptive, and responsive. No recordings, no robots, no annoying phone menus but real professional people who know you personally and are attentive to your specific needs. Our support staff averages 18 years of industry tenure, and has the resources, skill, and judgment necessary to provide prompt, comprehensive professional assistance.
  • Our employees think like owners and are motivated to put clients first. Our livelihood is directly related to your continued satisfaction. We work collaboratively, hold each other accountable, and set high expectations for one another to identify the best possible outcomes for you.
  • Continuity of advice. A major concern today is that clients may outlive their financial advisor, and no one wants to be looking for a new advisor at age 80. To address this, our seasoned professionals are training the next generation of advisors and staff to serve our clients for decades to come. Our average employee is 33 years old and this is by design. We want our clients to be secure knowing their wealth management will be applied proactively and continuously, and will span decades and generations.
  • Continuity. Less than 20% of advisory firms have a succession plan according to Cerulli and Associates. We believe that providing for an orderly transition is part of our fiduciary duty. Our succession agreement provides for an orderly and seamless transfer of firm ownership and governance.
  • We give you access to resources, techniques, and strategies that are typically only available to large institutions and ultra high net worth investors. Our credentialed team pursues continuous improvement through ongoing education and training, allowing the application of best practices to our wealth management process. While many firms outsource their investment research, trading, and financial planning services, these services are provided in-house at Cassaday & Company, Inc. and are included in your fee—which means highly sophisticated, integrated solutions for you at a reasonable price.
  • We make it a top priority to identify, attract, and retain top-notch employees. The low turnover at our firm shows the value we place in continuity and stability for our workforce. Employee satisfaction, professional development, and workplace excellence are key components for a sustainable enterprise with satisfied clients.

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