Cassaday & Company, Inc. has been awarded first place on the 2019 Best Places to Work in Virginia ranking. Created by Virginia Business and Best Companies Group, this annual award program identifies, recognizes, and honors outstanding places of employment throughout the state of Virginia, benefiting the state’s economy, workforce, and businesses. The 2019 Best Places to Work in Virginia list comprises 100 companies. Those recognized were benchmarked on a list of core values including leadership and planning, corporate culture and communication, role satisfaction, work environment, relationships with supervisors, training and benefits, and pay and overall employee engagement.

Cassaday is honored by this recognition and attributes this success to our employees. Our firm was founded with the guiding objective to create a workplace that would attract and retain the top talent in our industry and to ensure the professionals we employ think like owners. In doing so and understanding our employees are our greatest resource, we have been able to reduce turnover, and create continuity of service for clients. We take pride in the ability to hire outstanding people with innate skills that cannot be taught, and we build positions around them, but beyond that, we are proud of our confident, self-reliant top performing team who take initiative and pride in their work. This combination of superior skills and an open, nurturing environment encourages personal growth, a sense of purpose and fulfillment which, for us, has led to outstanding outcomes for our firm and clients.

Virginia Business began their Best Places to Work award program in 2011. Cassaday & Company, Inc. made its first appearance on this list in 2012 and has made this list each year since. From 2017 to 2018, Cassaday & Company, Inc. jumped from #47 to #1 on the small company list.

Best Places to Work in Virginia is a survey and awards program dedicated to identifying and recognizing the state’s 100 best employers. Eligible companies fulfill these requirements: for-profit, not-for-profit business or government entity; publicly or privately held business; facility in Virginia; at least 15 employees working in Virginia; and minimum 1 year in business. There is a two-part survey process worth 25%/75% respectively. Part one examines workplace policies, practices, benefits and demographics, and part two surveys employee engagement and satisfaction, with combined scores determining the top companies and final rankings. Best Companies Group manages the overall registration, evaluation, and selection process. No fee is paid to participate.

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