What We Do

Our primary objective is to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap that consolidates all of the various financial components of your life into a centralized, integrated plan. We believe that financial planning is a process, not an event. As the markets, economy, opportunities, or personal circumstances change, we provide ongoing guidance to ensure your plan stays aligned with your goals. We offer practical insight, backed by analytical rigor, colored with the human aspects of investing, tempered with the reality of risk, combined with our unique approach of consolidation, integration and simplification.

Investment Management


  • Goals, time frames, and risk tolerance assessment
  • Asset allocation recommendation
  • Portfolio design and construction
  • Continuous portfolio monitoring, rebalancing, and maintenance
  • Ongoing portfolio manager evaluation
We choose investments that are in line with your goals.

Through our individualized approach, we’ll gain an understanding of your specific goals, time frame, and risk tolerance. We’ll be by your side to guide you through historical evidence supporting various investment methodologies, allowing you to make confident, educated decisions. Together, we’ll determine the balance of risk and potential return that you’re comfortable with. As an independent fee-based firm, we are not limited to a specific pool of investments to choose from or restricted to proprietary funds (as is the case with many Wall Street firms and insurance companies).

In-house expertise

Many advisory firms outsource their investment research. At Cassaday & Company, Inc., we have a robust, analytical process in place to ensure we are in complete control of our investment selections, asset allocations, models, and overall investment strategies. Our Investment Policy Committee (IPC)—consisting of over a dozen senior professionals—regularly reviews our clients’ holdings and asset allocation, market conditions, research studies, economic analysis, and other areas relevant to the investment process. This approach encourages regular collaboration and ongoing research to ensure that strategic decisions are vetted and thoughtfully considered before they can impact your portfolio.

Retirement & Financial Planning

Planning for Retirement
  • Patented portfolio withdrawal strategies (DIESEL)
  • Social Security analysis
  • Medicare and private healthcare planning
  • Comprehensive retirement plan review
  • Employee benefits and pension plan analysis
  • Assessment of continuing care communities
Financial Planning


  • Financial goal analysis and recommendation
  • Education planning
    • Complimentary
      529 plan management
    • College savings plan ownership strategies
    • Financial aid guidance
  • Access to concierge medicine, life coaches,
    downsizing, and special needs professionals

Sound planning must support the adoption of any financial strategy. Our team of experts will work with you to help you analyze your financial circumstances and establish a customized plan to help reach your goals.

In our view, financial and retirement planning encompasses not only traditional investment strategies, but everything in your life with a dollar sign in front of it. For your plan to be most effective, components such as estate planning, tax management, Social Security, Medicare, insurance policies, and more must be considered in a holistic, integrated fashion. This planning exercise is part of our investment management process and does not involve additional fees or charges.*

Our collaboration of highly trained, experienced, and credentialed professionals in a fee-based environment presents a superior choice for investors seeking objective and impartial guidance about their financial situation.

*Under certain circumstances clients may choose to be billed hourly for planning and evaluation services that exceed, in the judgment of the firm, what would be considered reasonable. These hourly rates vary based on the nature of the planning. We discourage clients from hourly planning as we believe that proper planning is an ongoing process NOT an event. We recommend a fee-based approach on the value of the assets managed. This arrangement encourages a continuum of planning and investment management and eliminates many conflicts of interest inherent in other compensation arrangements.

Tax Management


  • Identification of tax efficiencies
  • Collaboration with your tax professionals
  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Charitable giving strategies
We will manage your investments in a way that seeks to minimize taxable events.

We help identify tax efficiencies, collaborate with your tax professionals, evaluate and recommend charitable giving strategies, and aim to minimize capital gains taxes on your investments. It is important to remember that although minimizing taxes is important, attempting to achieve a proper balance of risk and return is our paramount concern.

Note: We are not CPAs and do not prepare tax returns. For clients who do not have a comfortable relationship with a tax professional, we have a network of reliable organizations and will help to match you with the right professional to meet your needs.

Advanced Strategies:
Life, Disability, Income & Asset Protection

  • Comprehensive analysis of life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies
  • Annuity analysis, management, and ongoing service
  • Group 401(k) management and oversight
  • Employee benefits and pension plan analysis
  • Long-term care advocacy
  • Active involvement in insurance claim execution

We will conduct a complimentary in-depth insurance analysis that includes an audit of your life, disability, and long-term care insurance policies. When necessary, we help coordinate changes to your policies, and will even help you through the claims process.

Annuities are also intricate retirement planning products that require ongoing management and a comprehensive understanding of features available to ensure you effectively manage overall costs and maximize benefits. We examine your policies to make sure they are properly structured to meet your needs. For variable annuities, as well as any variable life policies, we review your investment allocation to ensure it meets your investment objectives and provide you with continual management and advice.

Learn more: Insurance Audit – Frequently Asked Questions

Estate Planning


  • Estate plan review
  • Collaboration with your estate planning attorney
  • Strategies to minimize estate taxes
  • Independent trustee referral solutions
  • Legacy planning
  • Estate administration
We will help to preserve the wealth you’ve created.

As financial planners, the most common mistake we see is an inadequate or incomplete estate plan. As provided under current law, investors can be more fully assured that their loved ones are taken care of in the manner that they choose, that assets are distributed based on their wishes, that privacy is maintained, and that income and estate taxes are minimized. Most importantly, a proper estate plan that is carefully crafted and executed can prevent administrative complications in the event of incapacity or disability.

While we do not prepare estate planning documents and we are not attorneys, our advisors keep abreast of developments that may impact estate plans. We can help you better understand important concepts that may help you prepare for a consultation with a qualified estate planning attorney. If you do not have a qualified estate planning attorney, we can help to match you with the right professional to meet your needs.

Life Transition Services

Peace of mind as we age

In addition to securing a comfortable retirement, a top concern for retirees is how to prepare for life as we grow older. Our firm has been set up to provide expert guidance to our clients on a continuing basis through the various stages of their lives. Through decades of experience we have developed best practices that will help you prepare for the key challenges facing our aging population.

Our subject matter experts are trained to assist you in making smart decisions about these important issues.

Being well prepared, in advance, means peace of mind, no surprises and better outcomes.


  • Social Security and Medicare Planning
  • Private Health Care Plans for Early Retirees
  • Cognitive Challenges
  • Eldercare Consulting
  • Downsizing and Decluttering
  • Evaluation of Lifestyle Change Options
  • Trustee Resources
  • and more.

Learn more by clicking here. Life Transition Services

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Our Comprehensive Approach

Imagine having a one-stop source for leading edge financial planning strategies as well as the management and monitoring of your wealth.

Our unique approach, developed and refined over nearly four decades, has been designed to address all aspects of your financial situation. We believe that the components of your financial world need to be carefully and comprehensively coordinated on an ongoing basis by a dedicated, highly trained, and experienced team. Our approach involves three fundamental processes: consolidation, integration, and simplification.


Our clients have the opportunity to consolidate banking, brokerage, retirement plans, and trusts under one roof. Our experience has been that having your financial affairs in one institution has many advantages.

  • Reduced paperwork. One source for all management and monitoring. There is no mystification around allocation, risk, or valuation.
  • Ease of monitoring. Ask yourself these questions:
    • Can you determine the returns on all of your investments, individually and collectively, at any time?
    • Do you know your overall asset allocation?
    • Do your investments overlap?
    • Are you really diversified?
      Not knowing the answers to these questions is a problem that is solved by consolidation.
  • Record keeping is centralized. No more looking for receipts or cost basis as these records are maintained for you. Also, our electronic ‘vault’ allows secure and private storage of important documents like wills, trusts, deeds, and contracts.
  • Tax preparation is simplified. Checks and charges are organized by category on one statement and easily reviewed. All taxable activity, gains and losses, dividends and interest, fees etc. are in one location and can be easily downloaded to popular tax preparation software or made available securely and privately to your tax professionals.
  • Estate administration in the event of disability or death is seamless and less stressful for your heirs.


We believe that the financial planning processes are interrelated and need to be carefully coordinated. Integration requires that experts who are conversant in these areas collaborate on your behalf to make sure that:

  • Your plan is comprehensive and addresses all aspects of your financial situation.
  • Your estate planning, insurance, taxes, and investment management comport with one another.
  • As circumstances change, your plan is adaptive and dynamic.

Integration is at the heart of what we do for our clients. We believe that financial plans are incomplete without this important capstone.

As a client of Cassaday & Company, Inc., we will develop and assist you with execution of a proprietary financial planning checklist that provides a simplified and easy-to-follow roadmap to a proper execution of your short and long term financial planning goals. This checklist will:

  • Establish and execute your investment policy. Having a written investment policy based on your personal situation, goals, and objectives that’s developed in conjunction with an experienced, unbiased, and impartial advisor is a key component of a disciplined long-term investment plan. During this development process, we will share the findings of our studies about risk, asset allocation, diversification, and the impact of behavior on investment results. Our goal is to give you the tools you will need to make an informed decision about what is right for you.
  • Coordinate estate planning with outside attorneys to make sure your documents are up to date and consistent with current law and will fulfill your desired outcomes for you and your family.
  • Make sure that taxes are considered at all times during the process.
  • Audit your insurance, annuity, and retirement plans to make sure their provisions are consistent with your planning goals. Having this information in a central location, overseen by experts, provides clarity and ease of administration during the claims process.
  • Help you establish a potentially sustainable portfolio withdrawal based on our proprietary DIESEL® system
  • Provide guidance on Medicare, Social Security, and continuing care issues.


With your assets and financial affairs in one institution, and all aspects of your wealth management integrated under the watchful eye of our experts, your financial affairs are simplified, easy to understand, managed, and monitored while benefiting from sophisticated, leading edge, state-of-the-art best practices typically reserved for ultra high net worth investors.