Cassaday & Company, Inc. Founder, Chairman & CEO Steve Cassaday Gives Post-Graduation Advice At His Alma Mater

Back of graduates during commencement at university. Close up at graduate cap

Radford University’s Davis College of Business and Economics recently hosted a series of guest lectures, inviting Cassaday & Company, Inc. Chairman and CEO Steve Cassaday as a featured speaker in the series. A proud and noteworthy Radford University Alumni himself, Cassaday visited his alma mater to discuss how he achieved his success, and offer guidance to students on how they might find their own success after college. 

With over 40 years of experience in the wealth management industry and the inimitable lessons learned while founding his own firm, Cassaday gave valuable insight to students: 

  • When preparing for an interview, research popular interview questions and have “a friend, roommate, or anyone who is willing to hold up your smartphone and record you,” Cassaday advised.
  • As students are worried about being able to find work right out of college, Cassaday put that fear at ease, saying he liked hiring students out of college because “when people come right out, they are like sponges. They do not have any bad habits.” 
  • “It’s not about finding a job, it’s about finding the perfect job for you,” Cassaday said.
  • Cassaday talked to students about the key to his success saying, “Is [it] because I’m smarter than everybody else? Definitely not. However, I had an unshakeable faith that our idea of providing objective and impartial advice at an independent employee-owned firm would resonate with investors. That, plus hiring great people and a little bit of luck, has led to our success.”

The notion expressed by Cassaday of “not just finding a job, but the perfect job for you,” is a value he has embodied in the way he has structured his team at Cassaday & Company, Inc. One of Cassaday’s objectives is to hire outstanding people with innate skills that cannot be taught, and building positions around them. This, combined with an open and nurturing environment that supports personal growth and creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment, has led to continued success for Cassaday & Company, Inc. and its clients.  

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