What We Do


As individuals move through various stages of life, their needs change and often become more complex. We believe proactive planning helps to mitigate some of the challenges that come with retirement and aging. We can assist you in making sound decisions now to protect your future. 


Social Security Analysis

Social Security options are complex and can be confusing for retirees. Choices regarding benefit structure, timing, and spousal considerations can significantly impact the amount of money generated over your lifetime. We help map out your options and determine which options are ideal with your integrated financial plan.


Bookkeeping & Bill Payment Management

As people age, managing expenses can become complex. We partner with trusted experts who can help you take control over your bookkeeping and bill payments.


Medicare & Private Healthcare Planning

As healthcare costs continue to rise, Medicare plays a vital role in your healthcare needs and retirement plan, whether it is your only health plan or it is supplemental to your primary coverage. We guide you through the complexities of the Medicare coverage landscape.

Assessment of Continuing Care Communities

From amenities and costs to healthcare provider access, there are many options for continuing care communities. We assist you in evaluating the appropriate options to find the best community to meet your specific needs.


Assistance with Life & Long Term Care Insurance Claims

It is never easy to deal with the loss of a loved one or with deteriorating health, and the insurance claims process can be lengthy and complex. Our experienced team will make the process more seamless and less burdensome. We are here to guide you through any life, long term care or disability insurance claims. 

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Memory Care & Managing Cognitive Challenges

The challenges of cognitive decline not only impact you, but can affect your family and friends as well. Our community of dependable experts offers extraordinary services to help you understand and best manage these challenges. They connect you to centers that provide educational programs, support groups, consulting services, individual consultations, and direct support for caregivers. Our staff is trained to recognize the warning signs of cognitive impairment and can support you in taking the appropriate action.


Relocation Planning - Downsizing & Estate Sales

When choosing to simplify life by moving to a smaller home or retirement community, we have resources to guide you in making the transition less overwhelming. These providers specialize in areas such as personal organization assistance, estate sale guidance, moving services, and more.  


Eldercare Coordination

When it comes to independent living and working with many service providers, there are a lot of moving parts to manage. We partner with eldercare specialists to assist you with the coordination of the services you need, including housekeeping, in-home nursing care, security monitoring, meal providers, transportation, etc.



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