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Financial & Retirement Planning

Financial Planning Process for Our Fee Based Clients

Sound planning must support the adoption of any financial strategy. Cassaday and Company will work with you to help you analyze your financial circumstances and establish a plan to reach your financial goals. In our view, financial and retirement planning encompasses not only traditional investment strategies, but also effective estate planning and the selection of appropriate insurance vehicles. We believe all these areas must be considered in a holistic fashion if planning is to be the most effective; when investors do not coordinate these interrelated areas, they risk reducing or eliminating the effectiveness of their planning efforts.

When you ask us to work with you in planning your financial future, we view our responsibility as objectively evaluating your financial situation and giving you our impartial advice based on our training and experience in these matters.

Investment management is an essential adjunct to the financial planning process. We approach investment management with the idea that we will attempt to earn a reasonable, reliable and repeatable return for our clients. Our typical clients have already accumulated wealth and their primary objective is to preserve and protect it while earning a modest return. Our objective is not to seek the highest returns, of all money managers in any given year but rather to generate reasonable returns consistently with a minimum of risk over longer periods of time. Although there are no assurances that these objectives will be met, the collaboration of highly trained, experienced and credentialed professionals in a fee-based environment presents a superior choice for investors seeking objective and impartial guidance about their financial situation.

Financial Planning Process for our Fee- Based Clients. As a fee based client of our firm, you will undergo a process of analysis designed to create a plan to help you achieve your financial goals. This planning exercise is part of our investment management process and does not involve additional fees or charges. *

This process involves eight basic steps:

1. Listen to your goals and objectives: We will confirm that Cassaday & Company can help you do what you want to do, and in the fashion that you would like to do it.

2. Review your current financial and investment situation: For this step we will ask you to bring documents that will allow us to examine your current holdings, asset values, estate planning arrangements, insurance, and cash flow in order to properly evaluate your existing status. Cassaday & Company will provide you with an easy-to-follow checklist of items that you should bring to this data-gathering meeting.

3. Discuss issues relevant to your financial goals: You should be prepared to talk about:

  • When you would like to retire
  • Your cash flow needs during retirement
  • Your wishes as to the disposition of your assets at death
  • Your expectations about return
  • Your feelings about risk
  • Your expectations about the relationship with us 

4. Evaluate your current investment strategy: Our team of professionals reviews your financial information, goals and objectives with an eye toward evaluating how well your current strategy can help you achieve your stated goals.

5. Develop recommendations: After the data-gathering interview, our team produces a strategy for you that is designed to address all major aspects of your financial, investment and estate plans. This strategy will address:

  • Investment selection
  • Asset allocation
  • Insurance - life, disability, long term care and property casualty
  • Estate planning
  • Accumulation of wealth or Distribution of wealth (cash flow) 

6. Present your financial plan: During our next meeting, we will present you with our recommendations explaining in detail the thinking behind them as well as the risks and potential rewards associated with each selection. When you have reviewed these recommendations and feel comfortable with them, we will begin to implement the investment strategies.

7. Implement your financial plan: At this stage, we make the changes to your financial strategy that we have agreed upon. This would include:

  • Buying and selling of securities
  • Setting up meetings with estate planning professionals
  • Setting up meetings with insurance professionals
  • Setting up systematic saving or withdrawal plans 

8. Ongoing monitoring of your financial plan: Cassaday & Company will systematically monitor your investment and financial plan in order to make adjustments and modifications in an attempt to take advantage of opportunities and avoid problems. Through regular reporting and communication, we will keep you fully informed of the progress of your financial plan.

* [Under certain circumstances clients may choose to be billed hourly for planning and evaluation services that exceed, in the judgment of the firm, what would be considered reasonable. These hourly rates vary based on the nature of the planning. We discourage clients from hourly planning because we believe that proper planning is an ongoing process NOT an event. In order to truly add value we recommend a fee, based on the value of the assets managed. This arrangement encourages a continuum of planning and investment management and eliminates many conflicts of interest inherent in other compensation arrangements.