What We Do

Estate Planning

Preserving wealth is as essential as creating it. As financial planners, the most common mistake we see is an inadequate or incomplete estate plan. As provided under current law, with only a few strokes of a pen, investors can be more fully assured that their loved ones are taken care of in the manner that they choose, that assets are distributed based on their wishes, that privacy is maintained and that income and estate taxes are minimized. Most importantly, a proper estate plan that is carefully crafted and executed can prevent administrative complications in the event of incapacity or disability.

While we do not prepare estate planning documents and we are not attorneys, our advisors keep abreast of developments that may impact estate plans. We can help clients better understand important concepts that may help them prepare for a consultation with a qualified estate planning attorney.

We work closely with estate planning professionals and are happy to make referrals. We have experience with these groups and feel confident that they are competent and reliable. Our support teams are familiar with one another and are able to easily interface. The presence of these relationships can make the execution of your estate plan as well as estate administration less cumbersome and less stressful.

Carefully coordinating your estate, tax, insurance and investment affairs is a part of the services that Cassaday & Company, Inc. offers. By maintaining working relationships with other professionals in the legal and accounting fields, we make sure you have access to a team of specialists who fully understand your financial situation

Once your documents are complete and properly executed, Cassaday & Company will assist in the re-titling of your assets, which is the capstone of your estate plan. If your financial affairs are consolidated in one institution as we recommend, this re-titling process is greatly simplified and the chance of errors is lessened. In the event an estate needs to be administered, consolidation makes the process much easier.


* Employees of Cassaday & Company are not attorneys and may not give legal advice. Investors should consult with a qualified attorney before implementing any estate planning advice.