What We Do


Feel confident that your insurance and annuity policies are properly structured to meet your needs.


We will conduct a complimentary in-depth audit of your life, disability and long-term care insurance policies. It’s part of our effort to help provide you with peace-of-mind that you are properly covered and your affairs are in order. When necessary, we help coordinate changes to your policies, and we will even help you through the claims process.  The key questions we will help you answer include:

  • Do you have adequate coverage?
  • Are your monthly premiums too high relative to other similar policies?
  • Are your policies properly set up to benefit your family or loved ones per your needs?
  • Are any of your policies in danger of lapsing soon?
  • Do you understand the advantages and disadvantages of the policies you own?
  • Do your insurance policies complement your financial and estate plans?


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We review your existing contracts and actively manage all annuities. Annuities are intricate retirement planning products that require ongoing management and a comprehensive understanding of features available to ensure you effectively manage overall costs, and maximize the benefits. We examine your policies to make sure the titling, beneficiaries and other important details are properly structured to meet your needs. For variable annuities, as well as any variable life policies, we review your investment allocation to ensure it meets your investment objectives and provide you with ongoing management and advice. The key questions we will help you answer include: 

  • How much is your annuity contract costing you annually?
  • What benefits does your annuity provide?
  • What is the strategy for using your annuity in the future?
  • What happens to your annuity contract should you pass away?
  • What are the downsides to your annuity contract?



Contact Carmen Bississo, Director of Advanced Strategies, at carmen@cassaday.com for additional information on the Advanced Strategies services.