What We Do

What We Do

Cassaday & Company provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management solutions for our clients. Our primary goals are to:

  • Learn about our clients and what is important to them by listening and asking good questions developed from years of experience.

  • Provide objective and impartial feedback to our clients about their current situation and if appropriate, suggest alternatives that may be more suitable.

  • Develop a plan that integrates the necessarily interrelated areas of wealth management.

  • Consolidate and simplify our clients' financial and investment affairs.

  • Coordinate investment management, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, and insurance consulting with one point of contact.

  • Provide ongoing proactive advice and guidance about their specific situation.

  • Provide ongoing investment management.

  • Provide continuity for families in the event of death or disability.

At Cassaday & Company, we believe that financial planning is a process NOT an event. As the markets, economy, opportunities or one's personal circumstances change so do our clients' plans. This is why they receive an initial plan as well as ongoing advice, assistance and recommendations from us.

Comprehensive financial planning starts with a thorough data gathering interview that focuses on the qualitative and quantitative issues facing the client. This analysis is followed by an evaluation of this data on a collaborative basis by our highly trained and experienced planning team. Based on our training and experience, we develop a solution designed to address the client's planning needs.

Ultimately, at the completion of this procedure our goal is to provide a coherent plan that addresses all aspects of the client's financial situation by analyzing, in a holistic fashion, investment holdings, insurance, estate planning as well as financial and retirement planning. By not coordinating these necessarily interrelated areas, investors risk reducing or rendering ineffective the provisions of their planning efforts.

Investment management is an essential adjunct to the financial planning process. We approach investment management with the idea that we will attempt to earn a reasonable, reliable and repeatable return for our clients. Our typical client has already accumulated wealth, and their primary objective is to preserve and protect it while earning a modest return. Our objective is not to be the number one investment manager in any given year, but rather to generate reasonable returns consistently with a minimum of risk over longer periods of time. There are no assurances that these objectives will be met.